Dos and Don’ts of Fall and Winter Makeup


Do: Wear maroon and burgundy lipstick
One of the best ways to get a standout autumn look is to play up your lip color. During fall, turn to plum or burgundy shades of lipsticks, glosses, and stains. The look is somewhat vampy, but absolutely stunning on pale skin. Makeup artist and beauty consultant Tom Pecheux describes it as "sophisticated in a twisted kind of way," thanks to its darker elements. With such a bold lip, there's no need to also make a statement with your eyes, as you don't want to overpower the look. Keep your eye shadow minimal, but feel free to use simple black mascara and eyeliner.

Don't: Wear coral or pink lipstick

We all love wearing red lipstick as winter makeup, not only because it's festive, but also because red perfectly matches your black, gray, and browns of your darker winter wardrobe. However, it's important you stick to classic or dark reds without any coral or pink undertones. These colors signal warmer weather and will clash with your dark, winter outfits.

Do: Paint your nails gray or nude

Nail polish is much more than just makeup; it's also a great accessory. It serves to compliment your jewelry, long-sleeved blouses, and coats, so make sure your nail polish is always an appropriate color. Bust out the grays, nudes, blacks, cherry reds, Merlot, and even sparkly golds and silvers.

Don't: Paint your nails neon

As pretty as fluorescent pink looks on your fingers and toes, bright and colorful varnishes are a serious winter makeup faux pas. If your favorite color is turquoise blue, turn to navy instead. As fun as rainbow polish colors are, save them for your next beach vacation.

Do: Apply rosy, pink blush

One benefit of braving the cold in winter is returning home with flushed, rosy cheeks. You can recreate this flattering look by generously swirling on pink blush. This can "add rosiness to medium skin tones, which can go a touch sallow when pale," makeup artist Fiona Stiles told Glamour. "It adds that warmth and punch to the skin that we miss when it's cold out."

Don't: Continue wearing bronzer

As your tan fades with the passing of summer, it's best to embrace paler skin and find ways to complement it, rather than try to paint on a fake, summer glow. Ditch your bronzer this fall and winter, and instead stick to pink blush. A brown contour won't match the rest of your body, and rosy cheeks look far more endearing       .

Do: Always apply kohl eyeliner

For fall and winter makeup: it's all about the kohl eyeliner. Whether you opt for a sharp cat-eye or smudgy, morning-after look, black liner is a winter staple. It looks stunningly dramatic on pale skin and pairs well with a dark, winter wardrobe. You really can't go wrong.

Don't: Line your eyes in purple or blue

Purple and blue liners are daring and often considered high-fashion, but they're sadly out of place during fall and winter. If you need a colorful alternative, you can certainly play with gold liner. Otherwise, it's best to stick to charcoal black. 

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