13 Jane Fonda Hairstyles To Copy


Jane Fonda is an icon of style, beauty, good taste and excellent physical shape. She shows with her own example that a lady remains a lady, regardless of her age. Aging gracefully is a great woman’s art. No matter how old you are, you can always choose how you want to look: like a contemporary stylish lady or a charwoman. Your hairstyle can tell about you more than you can imagine. Let’s see how skillfully Jane Fonda chooses her hairstyles and changes her looks to show us that it’s possible to remain a gorgeous woman even if you are 76.
In her younger years Jane Fonda wore versatile long and medium-length hairstyles, surprising her fans with soft feminine locks or gorgeous layered bob haircuts. Today Jane sticks to short sassy graded styles, which make her look younger, more active and always very stylish. Her characteristic bubbly flicks are so in tune with her image of a happy woman. I believe all of us should follow such fantastic examples, with reference to our natural potentialities, of course.
Short Layered Formal

Tenderly Textured Locks

Sexy Highlighted Shag
Smoothed Back Flicks

Curly & Shaggy

Delicate Curled Locks

Fluffy Voluminous Curls

Pretty Flicks

Flicked-Back Shag Hairstyle

Short Jagged Flipped Out

Short Curly Laid Back

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